Since the day we were founded, we aim to provide quality and uninterrupted service to our customers. As Viyontek, we constantly listen to our customers' problems and try to implement their suggestions.

Our vision

In order to provide the necessary infrastructure to all persons or persons in need in the Viyontek Web area and to respond to supply and demand. established company. With our experienced employees, we aim to provide reliable service to our customers, to provide fast solutions to problems and to provide products with high performance at affordable prices. Viyontek aims to grow continuously by taking into account the wishes and suggestions of its customers, and to make the name of Viyontek a big brand.

Our Mission

It is a company established for individuals or institutions to receive affordable and high-performance services upon the great demand in the server services sector. Web hosting, Reseller hosting, Virtual server, Physical server, Server hosting etc. We provide services in many fields such as


Kızılırmak District Akasya Street No 13 Inner Door No 4 Sivas/Zara

Phone number

+90 850 308 53 01

BTK Location Provider Permit

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